Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 5: A dream of smoking

I woke up today just fine. No craving in particular (at least no more than yesterday).

However, I did get the smoking dream. I don't know how many other smokers have gone through this while quitting. This happened the last time I tried quitting and it drove me right back to smoking! This time I had bought a few cigarettes which for some reason were really cheap (remember when I first said that I am quitting because it is getting expensive?). I remember smoking them in the dream and feeling on top of the world. Justified even.

The good thing is that it did not bother me like last time. A dream is just a dream. Your brain throwing together a scene composed out of random bits of past information and how you feel. I can't let it derail me again. So on that note, thank you brain. I enjoyed the movie for the concept but found the characters fuck you.

We have a lot of traffic in this city. The number of smokers is not surprising.

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