Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 5: Ending thoughts

So there I was thinking today is another uneventful day for cravings. Haha. Wrong.

Realised that the anger/stress craving combined with the 'I am hungry' craving makes for a pretty strong craving. I didn't cave but I was getting pretty irritated. Which brings up another thing about quitting smoking. I was wondering where the irritability and general snapiness had gone. Looks like it found me today.
A smoker without a cigarette can be a real asshole. I didn't snap at anyone thankfully but oh I wanted to. Gotta keep it cool else people might shove a cigarette in your face to get you to be nice.

Oh good news. Met my friends who are all smokers. Felt perfectly fine even though they were smoking. Progress is a nice thing.

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