Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 8: Busy day 1

Nothing like being occupied to help you not smoke. Even when I was smoking (not long ago), I'd smoke the most when idle and the least when keeping busy. Of course, I do have a tendency to be lazy and not force myself to be busy. Luckily today and the next three days promises to be busy, especially in the evenings. It is the Indian Republic Day weekend. A long weekend, which is not necessarily the best thing for me in my line of work. I am a musician and sound engineer. The weekend/holidays is when we work!

A 3 day music festival is happening at one of the clubs in Bangalore and I am on duty, managing the mix desk. Yes I will be surrounded by smokers. Ha Ha Ha. At least I will be busy. Will I be stressed? Yes, possibly. Ha Ha Ha. No I won't smoke. I've gotten this far, which may not seem like a lot but this feels different.

So here's to the next few busy, stressful and smoke surrounded days.

Also it is apparently my astrological birthday, or as my parents call it my star birthday today. It is a thing in Hinduism that I have zero understanding of. I never remember that it is my 'star birthday'. Every year mom reminds me. Thanks Mom, much love.

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