Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 4: The smoke of boredom

So it is a Sunday morning. I don't actually feel like smoking because I want to smoke. I am just feeling bored.

Sunday mornings can be lazy. Usually I am just chilling and smoking is a part of that. Now that I've quit, I am just bored. I am also feeling quite sleepy despite a good night's rest. Maybe I will nap. I realize also that this blog cannot go on forever. One day I will feel no craving at all. Nothing new, except for freedom from the addiction. That day may be my last post here. I will still have the blog up though, just in case future quitters want to know if what they are going through is normal.

Those who quit smoking usually go through the same withdrawal symptoms. The intensity and certain quirks may vary depending on the individual's smoking habits and body chemistry. I can see myself right now, less than a week ago when I would have been bored like this and reaching for a cigarette without thinking about it. I'm glad to be over that. I am sure I've saved plenty of money already by doing that.

I expect today to be more or less uneventful in terms of cravings but I have been wrong. Let's see. Until then let it be known - 4 days not smoking and feeling great.

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